About Us

Established in 1994, by staff with over 20 years experience in Information Technology, PC Jen has acquired a reputation for providing sound business solutions to a wide-ranging client base. From SOHO users to multi-national corporates, PC Jenís support, advice and network expertise has enabled client growth and advancement. Indeed, PC Jenís unique philosophy where customers are treated as equal partners in a shared enterprise has meant that the companyís customer retention rate is second to none in the area.

Recent company developments and acquisitions have meant that now PC Jen is even better placed to assist companies of all sizes to meet their current and projected IT requirements.

Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire with an additional office, technical centre and retail outlet in Keighley, West Yorkshire, PC Jen offers installation and support services over the whole of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Northern England.

Through strategic alliances with major hardware and software vendors, our network design, installation, and support services are unrivalled by all but the major suppliers in the market.

Whilst specialising in providing onsite business support and solutions, PC Jen covers all aspects of computing. Our retail outlet is designed solely with the intention of giving the domestic user, not only the best product at a price which is competitive, but perhaps equally as importantly, sound, pertinent advice on systems and peripherals.

We have provided expandable, dependable business and educational networks for clients all over the North West. Their testimonials bear witness to the quality of our work.

PC Jen Ltd, phone: (01756) 668213 - fax:(01756) 798139 email:info@pcjen.co.uk
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